TRANSCEND's objective: to increase the number and diversity of highly qualified Ph.D. and postdoctoral level scientists trained in stem cell biology in the California workforce and to provide trainees with the communication skills they need to be successful. 
Our Program is an interdisciplinary with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and equality. Our mentors come from 14 graduate programs, have well-funded research projects, established records of working collaboratively, and have won awards for research and outstanding mentoring.


  1. Train 16 PhD students and 7 postdoctoral scientists; 
  2. Provide three core graduate level courses and two stem cell seminars; These courses include Stem Cell Biology and Medicine (CMDB 207), Social, Legal and Ethical Implications of Stem Cell Research (CMDB 208), and Science to Policy a course that trains students to communicate with non-scientists and politicians and provides them with the tools needed to transfer their science into policy; 
  3. Offer an annual Stem Cell Symposium in conjunction with the Inland Empire Stem Cell Consortium; 
  4. Provide enrichment activities that include participating in community outreach, travel to scientific meetings (sponsored by our UCR Stem Cell Center ), interaction with patients and patient advocate groups, and opportunities to interact with our Center for Health Disparities ( (e.g. by participating in seminars and Engagement Studios) and our School of Public Policy ( (e.g., by receiving additional training in transferring science to policy). 
Our mentors will provide research training dealing with stem cells and regenerative medicine in the areas of research that include: (1) Bioengineering, (2) Neuroscience and Neurodegenerative Disease, and (3) Prevention and Treatment of Birth Defects and Reproductive Failure. Training will be interdisciplinary with cross training in the life sciences, biomedical sciences, and engineering.
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